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BioMetal Designation,Product Forms and Specifications:

Designation / Grdae

Forms and Specifications

CP Ti Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr4

  Wire: dia (0.025-6.5)mm;

  Bar / Rod: dia(5-75)mm;

  Foil / Strip / Sheet / Plate: T(0.001-10)mm;

Ti-6Al-4V (Gr5)

Ti-6Al-4V ELI (Gr23)

  Wire: dia (0.1-6.5)mm;

  Bar / Rod: dia(5-75)mm;

  Strip / Sheet / Plate: T(0.5-10)mm;



  Bar / Rod: dia(4-75)mm;

  Strip / Sheet / Plate: T(0.8-10)mm;



  Wire: dia (0.3-6.5)mm;

  Bar / Rod: dia(5-30)mm;

  Strip / Sheet / Plate: T(0.8-10)mm;



  wire (coil & straight): D(0.2-5)mm;

  round bar (bright surface): D(0.8-25)mm;

  flat bar: 8*12mm;8*14mm;10*10mm;10*12mm;10*16mm;12*12mm;

  triangle bar: D 2.0mm, D 2.5mm, D 3.0mm, D 3.5mm;

  hexagonal bar: D(5.0~14)mm;

  strip & sheet: T(0.8-8)mm*W205mm;

  plate & profile: 3.2*12mm; 4.2*14mm; 5.2*17.6mm; 6.5*18mm;

  curve plate: 3.2*12mm; 4.2*14mm; 5.2*17.6mm; 6.5*18mm;

  seamless tube: OD*ID=7*2mm; 8*1.6mm; 8*2mm; 8*2.5mm; 9.5*4mm;

  10.2*3mm; 12*3mm; 12.5*5mm; 13*4.6mm; 13*6mm; 13*8mm; 14*3mm;


  Powder: particle dia (-5~-250)um;

  Bar / Rod: dia(5-75)mm;

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