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          Tiger International (Shanghai) BioMetals Co., Ltd
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About Tiger BioMetals!

   As a professional business unit of Tiger Group, Tiger International (Shanghai) BioMetals Co., Ltd

mainly supply biomedical metals and alloys (also known as metallic biomaterials, biometals)

for surgical implants and medical devices industry through our own labs,plants and partners.

Three core companies under Tiger Group:

        ☆  Tiger International (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

        ☆  Titan Advanced Materials(HongKong) Co.,Ltd

        ☆  Titan Advanced Materials(Kunming) Co.,Ltd

        ☆  Kunming Titan Science and Technology Inc.

Corporate Vision:

        · Make every effort to develop into a chief supplier of metallic biomaterials with professional solutions.

Business Morality:

        · Honesty,Reliability,and Devotion bring Development !

Corporate Culture:

        · Valuable strategy from the innovative enterprise;

        · Best solutions from the professional team;

        · Loyal customer from the quality products;

        · Customers' satisfaction from the exceptional service;

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