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Bio-medical grade stainless steel 316LVM:

         The reason why designated as 316LVM is that the Iron based-18Chromium-14Nickel-3Molybdenum alloy is 316L,a low-carbon variety of 316,which has been vacuum melted to improve purity and cleanliness,meanwhile resulting in a more consistent medical grade austenitic stainless steel.

         Because of its excellent corrosion resistance,316LVM is widely used for surgical implants(both temporary and permanent)and instruments,medical devices and equipment.

         Material designation: Fe-18Cr-14Ni-3Mo;

         Trade name: 316LVM;

         Standard specification:

               ◇ ISO 5832-1:1997 composition”D”: wrought 18Cr-14Ni-3Mo for surgical implants

               ◇ GB 4234-2003 composition"S31723": 18Cr-14Ni-3Mo for surgical implants

               ◇ ASTM F138: wrought 18Cr-14Ni-2.5Mo bar and wire for surgical implants

               ◇ ASTM F139: wrought 18Cr-14Ni-2.5Mo sheet and Strip for surgical implants

               ◇ ASTM F899: wrought stainless steel for surgical instruments

         Main advantages:

               ○ Low C → better corrosion resistance;
               ○ Vacuum Melt → better general and integranular corrosion resistance;
               ○ High Cr → better corrosion resistance;
               ○ High Ni → higher strength;
               ○ High Mo → better general and integranular corrosion resistance;


               △ Annealed → better ductility;
               △ Cold Worked → better corrosion resistance;

         Chemical composition:

FeCrNiMo MnSiCuN CSPResiduals
balance17~1913~152.25~3.5 210.50.1

         Tolerance: h7-h11(on request).

         Melt method: vacuum melting.

         Available product forms:

               ☆ wire (coil & straight): D(0.2-5)mm;
               ☆ round bar (bright surface): D(0.8-25)mm;
               ☆ flat bar: 8*12mm;8*14mm;10*10mm;10*12mm;10*16mm;12*12mm;
               ☆ triangle bar: D 2.0mm, D 2.5mm, D 3.0mm, D 3.5mm;
               ☆ hexagonal bar: D(5.0~14)mm;
               ☆ strip & sheet: T(0.8-8)mm*W205mm;
               ☆ plate & profile: 3.2*12mm; 4.2*14mm; 5.2*17.6mm; 6.5*18mm;
               ☆ curve plate: 3.2*12mm; 4.2*14mm; 5.2*17.6mm; 6.5*18mm;
               ☆ seamless tube: OD*ID=7*2mm; 8*1.6mm; 8*2mm; 8*2.5mm; 9.5*4mm;
                                             10.2*3mm; 12*3mm; 12.5*5mm; 13*4.6mm; 13*6mm; 13*8mm; 14*3mm;

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