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Nickel-Titanium Shape Memory Alloy:

       Nickel-Titanium Shape Memory Alloy,also well-known as NiTiNol(Nickel Titanium Navy Ordnance Laboratory),of which each NiTiNol alloy grade is comprised of 54%-57% Nickel and 43%-46% Titanium,especially Ni-45Ti is the very common grade for biomedical applications.
     Even small differences from weight percentage,if would has significantly effect the properties of NiTiNol.

       NiTiNol mainly include the following two varieties:
             Ⅰ. Shape Memory Alloy(SMA):
                  SMA,one of the most important grades of NiTiNol for biomedical choice,is exactly estimated to recover the previous shape when heated beyond its transformation tempreture.
             Ⅱ. Super Elasticity Alloy(SEA):
                  SEA is described because of its extraordinary kink resistance after specially heat treatment.

Bio-medical grade Nickel-Titanium Shape Memory Alloy

         Ni-45Ti is an medical grade NiTiNol,which has excellent shape memory property and biocompatibility in human body.

         Material designation: Ni-45Ti (Ti-55Ni);

         Trade name: NiTiNol;

         Standard specification:

           ◇ ASTM F2063: wrought Ni-Ti shape memory alloy for surgical implants and medical devices

           ◇ GB 24627: wrought Ni-Ti shape memory alloy for surgical implants and medical devicess

         Main advantages:

               ○ shape memory;

               ○ biocompatible;

               ○ high tensile resistance.


               △ Cold Worked;

               △ Hot Worked;

               △ Annealed;

               △ Heat Treated;

         Chemical composition:

balance54.5~ 0.0250.05

         Available product forms:

               ☆ Wire / Spring: dia(0.3~6.0)mm.
               ☆ Bar / Rod:dia(5~30)mm.
               ☆ Strip / Sheet / Plate:Thk(0.8~10)mm.

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