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Biomedical Grade High Performance Pure Metals:

Biomedical Grade Pure Metals mainly include Titanium(Ti),Tantalum(Ta),Niobium(Nb),and Zirconium(Zr).

   Ⅰ. Pure Titanium(Ti): Gr1,Gr2,Gr3,Gr4.

   Ⅱ. Pure Tantalum(Ta):

       Tantalum,one of refractory metals,has excellent biocompatibility,and therefore its biomedical applications mainly include:

           1. cast pure tantalum;
               cast pure tantalum is made for surgical implants in accordance with ASTM F560.

           2. tantalum coating;
               tantalum coating can improve biocompatibility and fatigue resistance of surgical implants,and therefore it usually is coated on the surface of other metallic biomaterials.

               Tantalum coated metallic biomaterials set forth below:
                 ◇Stainless Steel;
                 ◇Cobalt Based Alloys;
                 ◇Pure Niobium.

   Ⅲ. Pure Niobium(Nb)

   Ⅵ. Pure Zirconium(Zr)

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