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          Tiger International (Shanghai) BioMetals Co., Ltd
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Bio-medical grade Cobalt based alloys Co-28Cr-6Mo:

         TIGER has developed Cobalt-Chromium alloyed powders for selective laser sintering(SLS),metal injection moulding(MIM),electron beam melting(EBM),etc.

         Chemical composition in accordance with ASTM F75,Co-Cr-Mo powder is manufactured by gas atomization and therefore particle size distribution is specially tailored to orthopaedic screws,bone plates,orthodontic brackets,hip joint,and surgical instruments.

         Material designation: Co-28Cr-6Mo;

         Trade name: CCM;

         Standard specification:

               ◇ ASTM F75: Co-28Cr-6Mo castings and casting alloy for surgical implants

               ◇ ASTM F799: Co-28Cr-6Mo forgings for surgical implants

               ◇ ASTM F1377: Co-28Cr-6Mo powders for orthopaedic implants' coatings

               ◇ ASTM F1537: wrought Co-28Cr-6Mo(alloy 2) for surgical implants

               ◇ ISO 5832-4: Co-28Cr-6Mo casting alloy for surgical implants

               ◇ ISO 5832-12: wrought Co-28Cr-6Mo for surgical implants

         Main advantages:

               ○ wear resistance;
               ○ corrosion resistance;
               ○ high strength;


               △ Annealed;

               △ Hot Worked;

               △ Warm Worked;

         Chemical composition:

               ★ ASTM F75(specify powders' chemical composition)
balance27~305~7110.75 0.50.350. 0.010.01

               ★ ASTM F1537(alloy 2,high carbon)
CoCrMoNi SiMnFeC N
balance26~305~71 110.750.15~0.35 0.25

         Available product forms:

               ☆ Powder: Particle Dia(-5~-250)um.
               ☆ Bar / Rod: Dia(5.0~75.0)mm.

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