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Alginate Dressing:

Alginate Dressing is a sterile disposable non-woven alginate dressing derived from seaweed. In contact with wound exudates, the calcium ion in alginate fibers exchanges with the sodium ion in the exudates, which makes the alginate swell and become gelatinous. The gel creates a moist wound environment and accelerates wound healing.

1. Highly absorbent
2. Non-adhesion, avoid eschar and reduce scar
3. Soft and pliable
4. Comfortable and easily use
5. Maintain moist environment, accelerate wound healing

Alginate Dressing is indicated for moderately to heavily draining wounds, cavity wounds and other wounds such as venous/arterial leg ulcer, diabetic ulcer, pressure ulcer, donor sites, abrasions, lacerations and post-surgical wounds.


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